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This is the story of an office just like yours or mine . There is only one difference, this one is filled with hot and horny guys that are trying to fuck around every corner.

End Of The Year Reviews

- Mar 22, 2017

Working with him has been one of the toughest experiences of my life. Our boss thinks he can do what ever he wants with us. The other he walked in calling us fat, then challenged us to do more push ups than him. Any time anyone would get close to the amount he did, he would push them down. He also pulled his dick out and laid down under us as wee did much ups with his dick to our faces. I’m the newest guy around here, and I was dreading the end of the year review. I walked in knowing that my sales have been low. The boss explained to me how much I fucking sucked and that there was only one way out of it, to suck some more. He slammed his dick on the table, This is when I did what I had to do to keep my job. I sucked the shit out of it, then I got slammed all over his office. Nothing comes between me and my job.

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Fuck that intern from Tech

- Feb 22, 2017

It’s always been an unofficial rivalry in the office. Nearly everyone working here went to State college, except for the boss, he went to tech. Since he says who gets hired around here, he brings in a lot of interns from tech. Most of them are ok and understand it just some good nature, albeit juvenile, hazing we engage in around here. The new intern, Jamie, he’s a bitch, though. Our boss likes to push the boundaries with us by showing gay porn at work or having an employee suck a dildo. We lock one intern in a closet and now he’s complaining about harassment and bullying? Who’s idea was it to sing Christmas carols without pants again? Who wanted naked tug of war? Who wanted bobbing for dildos? Naked trust falls? We're the one creating a problem here? Seriously? I felt really bad when Jamie had to “apologize” to the intern. Most apologies I’ve seen didn’t end with a cock in my ass. Anyone accepting resumes?

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Fun Friday is no fun

- Jan 24, 2017

Another day in the office, another “brilliant” idea from the Boss. Today it’s Fun Friday.  Fun for me involves going with my girl to the beach. Maybe stop and get an ice cream afterwards. For the Boss, it means showing up butt naked in snorkeling gear and handing out pizza. Still trying to figure out the fun in that. The Boss’s next flash of brilliance was a friendly game of tug of war. Brad from accounting wasn't there, thank god - that guy is a total gym rat. He probably wouldn’t have enjoyed getting naked if he lost too. Not sure how nudity helps people win Boss. I feel bad for Rob. Since the Boss lost, Rob got his ass turned into a ring toss game. Not sure how fun he thought that was Boss. Really not sure how much fun it was for the rest of us when Rob, the Boss, and Joey end up fucking in the lobby. Is anyone looking to hire a good office assistant in the greater downtown area?

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A Very Homosexual Holiday Special

- Dec 20, 2016

Well, it’s the holiday season, and you know what that means, right? That’s right, the boss has come up with more festive ways of harassing his employees. You know, classics like mistletoe over his dick, gifting dildos, cock out carols …etc He gives new meaning to the term holiday bonus. Bonuses like his cock up your ass, or in your mouth. He said the holidays make him feel lonely, so a couple of the guys agreed to hang out with him. They didn’t know his definition of ‘hang out’ is fucking. Oh well there’s a first for everything, and it won’t be the last.

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We Don’t Do This In Europe

- Nov 29, 2016

The boss is in a great mood this week. So much so that he’s roaming the halls asking for people to suck his dick. It’s just one of the many things the boss puts us through. A new guy stepped in for an interview today. Poor guy, he happened to have his interview on casual Friday, on Fridays the boss wears nothing but a robe to work, therefore exposing his junk for everyone to see. He took the new guy into his office and extensively interviewed him until he determined weather the new guy was committed enough. By committed I mean, he pounded the shit out of the new guy. Fucking him all over his office in several different positions before busting all over his face and congratulating him on the new job.

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Jacking more than a lantern at the Grab Ass offices for Halloween.

- Oct 28, 2016

Holidays are no escape from the Boss and his antics around the offices.  It’s Halloween and the Boss has brought gifts for all his hard working employees. Of course, they are all cock related. Needless to say, this isn’t raising company morale. The costumes he let the employees wear was to help keep morale high, but the Boss screwed that up. He just had to have a big floppy dick as part of his costume. Morale flopped more than his big fake cock when he flashed it to everyone. Spirits were low. It would have got worse if everyone saw the Boss fucking a pumpkin, thankfully only a few did. Sensing the tension, the Boss brought a pie to ease things. Adding his semen to it only succeeded in making everything saltier. The Boss hoped letting his employees play a game would change course. Most people would have just kept it simple and played bobbing for apples. The Boss, however, had to add his flavor to it. People weren’t exactly thrilled to be playing bobbing for cocks. The loser wasn’t thrilled to be getting fucked in the ass by the winner either. That’s just another day in the Grab Ass offices though.

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